by Robbin Montero
Drinking plenty of water to hydrate your skin will be one of the top beauty recommendations from any skin care professional.

            Let’s face it, most of us are just too busy during our normal routines to truly pamper ourselves. Pampering is the best way to achieve that princess look on your wedding day, and pampering treatments are most thorough and relaxing when provided by a professional. They can also provide essential periods of rest as you prepare for your big day. Though it requires time and money, many brides feel quality self-care is worth the time and expense to look and feel their best.


            Great wedding pictures begin with a gorgeous smile. Visit your dentist four to six months prior to the event for a thorough teeth cleaning if you want to have pearly whites for your wedding day. Many dentists offer a bleaching process to transform the appearance of your teeth to their whitest possible in a matter of days. Over-the-counter bleaching systems are also available, but may take longer. Enamel veneers are a more permanent solution for imperfections that don’t fade with bleaching. Ask your dental professional for recommendations.


            Part of being a radiant bride is having glowing skin for your wedding day. Help to get you glowing is just a phone call away at a day spa or salon. Stress can provoke skin breakouts, so begin caring for and pampering your skin as early as possible before the special occasion. Three to four months before the your wedding, commence a skin care regimen including two to three professional facial treatments leading up to the date.


            Quite some time before the wedding, you might consider treating problem areas with professional skin peels and exfoliations. The redness from deep, cleansing facials can take several days to fully subside and some women run a slight risk of sensitivities to certain facial products. For those reasons, it is best to have your final facial well before the wedding. Ask your skin care professional about the best daily skin care products for your skin type and about how to keep your skin looking its best. Drinking plenty of water to hydrate your skin will be one of the top beauty recommendations from any skin care professional.


            Your wedding ring will show up in many wedding photographs, so beautifully manicured hands are essential. Get your hands in tip-top shape by scheduling professional manicures beginning two to four months before the event. If you are a nail or cuticle biter, plan to start even earlier. Schedule your final manicure the day before your wedding. Natural-looking nails, French manicures, tips or acrylics are a few of the options available. Natural-looking nails and basic French manicures look the best and blend well with a white or off-white gown.Brightly colored nails should be avoided on this occasion.


            Treat yourself to a pedicure one to two days before your wedding. Pedicures are essential if you plan to wear open-toed sandals or shoes with your gown, or if you will honeymoon in a hot climate. Also essential, yet often overlooked, is body care—a massage, wrap and waxing. We all look better when we feel better. Allow yourself some luxurious preparations to feel more beautiful and relaxed on your wedding day.


            And let’s not forget your groom. Doesn’t he deserve some pampering attention to his grooming? Encourage him to have a manicure and facial at a salon experienced in offering men’s services. He might want to see a professional hairstylist a month or two before the wedding to tune up or update his “look”. Unless his hair is very close-cropped, it is best to schedule a hair trim several days before the wedding. A professional shave, especially for those with heavy beards, is a special treat for many men who want to look their absolute best.


What a beautiful couple!


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