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Pete "Big Elvis" Vallee & Amanda Lasham Weddiing Bells Are Ringing!

Pete "Big Elvis" Vallee will wed Amanda Lasham on Thursday, July 15 at Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon, Las Vegas.The public is invited to the Ceremony in the Lounge beginning at 8pm. There is "invitation only" Ceremony seating for family and friends with a private reception to follow. The couple met at the Big Elvis Show over 2 years ago, and started dating soon thereafter. Pete has been a singer since the age of 13, first appearing in Las Vegas in a band at the Sahara when he was just 15. His current show has been a fixture on the Strip for the past 8 years. Amanda was raised in Hawaii, and is the daughter of Robert & Letitia Lasham of Las Vegas. She has a background in business with an emphasis on marketing. The couple resides in Las Vegas.